Professional - Technical - Financial Services

Specialized services make up one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Martin County economy. Architectural, engineers and legal firms have all found success here, as have marketing consultants, communication firms and a wide array of science and technology-based service companies. Take a look at the facts. How many other counties can boast:

  • A large and growing regional customer base
  • A population numbering over 1 million, located within a 40-mile radius
  • A highly-skilled and well-educated workforce
  • Appealing quality of life for professionals and their families
  • Available space suitable for service-based businesses
“I highly recommend that any 
company planning a long-term strategic expansion should explore the resources offered by 
the Business Development Board of Martin County”
       -  Henry Caldarazzo, co-owner, iVox Solutions


Specialized Service Businesses in Martin County:

  • Advanced Technologies Group
  • Applied Concepts Aircraft Solutions
  • Continental Shelf Associates
  • Envision Product Group
  • iVox Solutions
  • Ocean5 Naval Architects
  • Optima Healthcare Solutions
  • Synaptic Advisory Partners