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Envision the future. Stuart company synonymous with cutting-edge medical technology and much more.


For Stuart-based Envision Product Development Group, transforming inspiration from the ether into a marketable product is its stock in trade.  It's one thing to bring a house, office building or othe project out of the ground.  But to bring an idea from the abstract to the concrete out of thin air and into the marketplace is another thing entirely.


Hiding in plain view behind a storefront surrounded by exercise studios, interior designers, accounting offices and ad agencies, David Carson, Envision's president, its CEO Thomas Delattre, Chief Scientist Michael C. Romeo and their team of researchers, designers and engineers noodle, design and fabricate everything from self-irrigating plant bags to cutting-edge medical technology.
A Treasure Coast resident since 1989, Carson learned machining and manufacturing from his father and then went on to advanced drafting and design, ultimately opening his own contract design house in 1994, focusing primarily on serving the needs of the residential housing market.
Sprinkle in equal parts serendipity and adversity - the downturn of the Florida real estate industry and collaboration with science guru Romeo and entrepreneur/marketing specialist Delattre - and Envision Product Development Group was formed in 2009.
From there, it's been dedication, determination and discipline to land clients, brainstorm concepts, fabricate products and move the company to the point of the spear in high-tech fabrication.
"There were a lot of sleepless nights between now and then," Carson said.

Though Envision employs a team approach to design, fabrication and marketing, a project usually starts on one of Carson's legal pads, moves through his Computer Assisted Design (CAD) system and ultimately lands on Romeo's work bench.

"It's scary," Carson said of his scientific partner. "He knows everything about everything."
With 45 years of research and design experience and a resume ranging from NASA's Apollo program to the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Romeo has fashioned everything from a bio-mass generator to a Braille computer. And many times, he's built the devices and apparatus needed to construct the original concept, Carson said.
That kind of creativity led to Envision's ground-breaking vascular simulator, a device that allows physicians to dry run endovascular procedures before operating on a patient and enables medical device manufacturers to test their products in the lab to reduce the risk involved in human trials.

With a price point of about $150,000, the company's "reality medical simulator" is the only such device int he world and is manufactured in the company's Stuart facility.
It takes about a week to assemble the machine, Carson said.
Designed in collaboration with Dr. Henry Woo, director of Stony Brook University Medical Center's Cerebrovascular Center in New York, as well as others, the simulators employ state-of-the-art technology and software, fluoroscopic fluid, and bio-equivalent brain gel to replicate the heart, aorta and vascular systems of the brain and extremities.
In addition to practicing general vascular procedures adn testing the performance of medical devices, the simulator can provide surgeons a doppelganger or body double for a real patient, allowing a precise simulation of a particular procedure on a particular individual.
Data obtained from a patient's CT images, other scanning protocols and diagnostic tools can be uploaded to the simulator, which then takes the patient's place during the operation.
"From a 3-D, CAD guy's perspective, it still gives me goose bumps," Carson said.
Beyond cultivating and marketing its own projects, an important part of Envision's business is helping other inventors develop their own concepts, design their products and bring them to market.
In addition to the medical and scientific markets, the company's products can be found in the industrial, military, aerospace and recreational arenas and include products ranging from high-speed, high-resolution cameras to avionics components to sporting equipment.
Once initial manufacturing runs validate a concept's design and fabrication process, Delattre's marketing savvy is brought to bear to move the product to profitability.
Carson said Florida and the Treasure Coast are rife with progressive and innovative inspirations, ideas and opportunities..
"Bringing products to the market gets me going," Carson said. "There's a lot more here than people know."
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