Manufacturing Month


October is National Manufacturing Month! Follow us each day as we spotlight a local Martin County manufacturer and learn what's made right here in your backyard!  Here in Martin County we have manufacturers big and small, follow us this month as we try to name them all.






Avotec Incorporated, all your MRI accessory needs.

Patient Comfort is the motivation behind every one of our products.


Avotec is passionate about products that thrive in the MR environment. Our passion fuels our relentless push to test and perfect. 


MR is where patient safety requires constant attention. MR demands equipment that meets the toll of moving patents in and out, shift after shift. 


We have brought our passion to the MR industry for more than twenty years. From our In-Bore Inert™ approach to patient safety, our benchmark Silent Scan® MRI audio systems to our unique Silent Vision™ MRI visual systems, our products are tools that are relied on for daily use.


You can buy other products, but you can't but better products. 
















Jordan Manufacturing - Custom Furniture - Jensen Beach, FL















Only a few locations can guarantee the right combination of resources along with business development assistance that are crucial to your business success.

Martin County Florida has a well-earned reputation as one of those locations. Our focus on talent and innovation, along with our prime location and unmatched quality of life makes Martin County the perfect location for your business prosperity.



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