Welcome to Martin County


Only a few locations can guarantee the right combination of resources that are crucial to your business's success.


Martin County is one of those locations.  With a focus on talent and innovation, Martin County has emerged as a place where businesses can grow locally, and have success on a global scale.  We are home to more recipients of Governor's Business Diversification Awards than any other county in Florida.  These companies and others like them are a true testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep in this community.

The team at the Business Development Board of Martin County understands the complicated demands of the site selection process and offers years of experience to help make your expansion or relocation project run smoothly.  The BDBMC acts as a business advocate with many state and local organizations to eliminate barriers to your success.  The combined expertise of our team provides the resources you need to make the most informed location decision with the least amount of your time and effort.




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